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You can do anything, but not everything.

Select the accents you want support for:
Show video information:    ON    OFF
Activate to allow the player to display information like the video title and uploader.
Restricted Mode:    ON    OFF
Activate 'Restricted Mode' to block any inappropriate content to be displayed (aka Kid Mode).
Video Quality:   
The lower the quality - the lower your network bandwidth consumption & the faster the loading time.
Select 'default' to allow YouTube to selects the appropriate playback quality (recommended).
Backward duration:   
Set the backward duration that will be apply when pressing the backward button.
Delay start by:   
To get more context, sometime is may be useful to start the player a few seconds before the search result track.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Action Shortcut
Next track Ctrl + RIGHT ARROW
Previous track Ctrl + LEFT ARROW
Replay Ctrl + ENTER
Toggle pause Ctrl + SPACE
Go forward Ctrl + Shift + RIGHT ARROW
Go backward Ctrl + Shift + LEFT ARROW
Increase speed Shift +
Decrease speed Shift -